Welcome to Stress Bubbles

Stress is hard to cope with. We endure it, we complain about it, it makes us sick.

And what do we do about it?

We either whine about it, or suffer in silence.

That’s a reaction to stress.

Being proactive about stress is much more helpful.

Identifying stress triggers is important in this regard. If you don’t know what your stress triggers are, you can’t manage stress. Most of us don’t know what our stress triggers are. Nor do we care. We’re too busy racing through anxiety-laden, chaotic lives. Then we wonder why we’re tired, overwhelmed, irritable and unhealthy.

I call stress triggers “stress bubbles:” specific people, places, behaviours and life moments that consistently raise one’s stress level. Maybe your Aunt Alice causes your eyes to narrow, your stomach to twist into knots, your heart to pound like a drum. Could be your father-in-law. Your job. Your dog. Your computer, on the fritz again. Doesn’t matter.

The goal of my blog is to:

  • define stress bubbles, through their role in relationships, marriage, child raising, world events, politics, trends, daily habits, even routines and rituals – with help from layperson perspectives, recommended readings, links and expert opinions. Along with a steady dose of humour.
  • help you identify your own stress triggers so that you can meaningfully face them and address them.

Why me for stress insight ? When I was very young I had an experience that twisted and altered my concept of trust, peace of mind and sense of self, resulting in chronic anxiety and depression. Self-help books, counselling, and medications helped me, but only to a point.

My life improved dramatically when I identified my stress triggers, when I embraced rather than buried them, when I addressed my bubbles with action rather than reaction.

I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or medical professional. My opinions are not intended to replace professional suggestions or expertise. (Please read full “Disclaimer,” below.) But having coped with stress for decades – for so long without success, now with a sense of trust and acceptance, I can share what I’ve learned.

Stress, anxiety and depression are topics often discussed in shamed darkness with heavy hearts. Let’s make this light. Let’s explore stress without fear. Let’s make a difference in the way we perceive it.

Let’s take responsibility for it.

Abby Gardiner, M.A.

Founder/Writer, Stress Bubbles

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