I Will Not Be ‘Happy’ in 2015





New Year’s Resolutions? Still have any? Statistics suggest that only 8% of us keep them.

Most are impossible to achieve.

“I will lose a ton of weight and keep it off!”

“Difficult people will be banished from my life!”

“I will be happy!”

Where’s the meat on them bones?

I present alternative proclamations that have meaning. That promote calm and proactive direction. No wishy washy fantasies here.

New Year’s Affirmations For Serenity

1. I will view “happiness” as a state of mind. I will remember: happiness is not a goal. It is not a destination. Happiness is a feeling. Feelings come and go. Inspiration, here.

2. I will strive to be “content.” I will recognize that this present moment is all I have. I will be ok with what I have now, grateful for my many blessings. I will understand that life is difficult, at other times life is good. I will remember that every moment is different. That’s the way life is.  Inspiration, here.

3. I will develop goals that reflect what I can meaningfully achieve. I will remember that some of us are highly motivated, impulsive, energetic, and ‘accomplish’ at a rapid pace. Others, for a whole variety of reasons, need to move more slowly, contemplate more, don’t wish to be overwhelmed. I will set goals which reflect who I am and what I need. Inspiration, here. And, here. 

4. I will stop comparing myself to others.  How others spend money, conduct their lives, climb their corporate ladders is not about you. You have your own issues and limitations to figure out. You also have special gifts to offer the world that only belong to you. Don’t undermine yourself by competing with others. For the same reason, don’t judge others. Mind your own business. Inspiration, here.

5. I will stop complaining. Yes you may have to cope with anxiety. Your moods may tire you. But whining is a trap, a bad habit. It alienates people, and it achieves nothing. Inspiration, here.

6. I will take responsibility for how I ‘feel.’ Other people will affect how you feel. Events and circumstances in life will affect how you feel. A pounding headache will affect how you feel. Anxiety or depression can wallop your peace of mind. But ultimately you’re the one responsible. Have you identified and addressed your major, daily stress triggers so that you can cope? Inspiration, here. 

7. I will acknowledge that I can’t get rid of difficult people. Difficult people are everywhere. Many of them can choke your peace of mind. Ultimately, however, your reaction to them is your problem, and, one you can take charge of. The Snap It Technique is an effective reminder. Assessing why you react as you do is another. Inspiration, here. 

8. I will protect my body and mind in 2015. No one else will do this for you. The 24 hour news cycle will not protect your mind, injesting heavily processed food will not protect your body, difficult people will get in your way. Take a good look at your dietary intake, commit to moderate exercise, experiment with stress reduction tools, find out how best to cope with toxic people, unplug from social media regularly. See what works best for you. For the sake of your health, you are worthy of this protection. Inspiration, here. 

9. I will NOT banish stress from my life in 2015. Yes, you read that correctly. You cannot banish stress. You cannot eliminate stress. Stress isn’t going anywhere. However you can reduce and lessen the amount of stress that you allow in your life. Inspiration, here. 

10. I will address my stress triggers and stress behaviours. Because if you don’t know what they are, you can’t change them. Practices of self-compassion  combined with peaceful habits will comfort and protect you. Stress will lurk, tempting you to engage, always. But you do have control over how stress affects you. Inspiration, here.

This is a journey. No quick fixes here. But a proactive and more tranquil state of mind can be your magnificent outcome.

Do. Don’t Stew.

I hope this new year you will be good…to YOU. xo