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FotoFlexer_PhotoIf you are dealing with a mental health struggle, if you are coping with symptoms of anxiety and depression right now and you need relief, you’ve come to a safe, friendly, place.

Here you will receive knowledge that will help you feel better.

When anxiety is at its worst, and when depression feels like a crushing weight, you need comfort; you need relief.

You need hope. You need help!

I get it. I’ve been there. I know the dark sensations of suffering, the surreal feelings of loneliness and alienation, the darkness and the fear. ‘Stress bubbles.’ Bubbles that can be popped.

I didn’t know ‘the why’ of my own struggle for a very long time. I figured these afflictions with merely my plight; ‘who I was.’


A traumatic memory of childhood sexual abuse returned to me in mid-life.

Anger and fury propelled me to act. Knowing I had been violated, and how long I had suffered, I was determined to comb the literature for information about my long term confusing negative behaviours, destructive emotions and the debilitating feelings.

I learned two things through this search:

Knowledge (about mental health) is Power.

Relief from mental health struggles is possible.

This website is about educating yourself.

Educating yourself may seem like a daunting proposition. It can be. But there are reasons why it’s so necessary.

Once you understand your struggle, as complex as that may seem, you will begin to heal.

Once you read my blogs and find that certain topics resonate, you will begin to heal.

Once you are able to access comfort practices, inspiration and wisdom that lead to long term healing and relief, you will begin to heal.

My blogs cover the difficult but revealing issues behind mental health struggles: trauma, family dysfunction, poor parenting, negative role modeling, mental health disorders, mental health symptoms and destructive feelings.

With each blog, I also offer coping strategies and solutions for healing (each already tested or researched by me, for their effectiveness) – that, when practiced regularly, and with commitment, have the potential to provide significant, ongoing relief, inspiration, comfort and healing that you can turn to anytime, anywhere.

If you don’t know what you are suffering from, you won’t heal.

If you refuse to figure out what you are suffering from, you will continue to suffer.

If you are adamant that you can’t possibly heal, you won’t.

Please note: I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or medical professional. My opinions are not intended to replace professional suggestions or expertise. (See “Disclaimer.”) And if, right now, you are in a serious mental health crisis, please contact a distress line, doctor, or a reputable mental health expert and discuss how you are feeling.

You don’t need to be a mental health professional to understand stress, anxiety and depression. In fact, it’s my view that those who suffer understand these conditions best.

I’ve suffered from mental health issues not only as a lone individual. I’ve also watched loved ones suffer, too, and I’ve often been on the front lines to assist them. It’s not fun to be educated about mental health in this way. But it is revelatory.

And one thing is clear, above all.

If you want to heal, you have to put yourself first – perhaps for the first time.

You have to learn about self-compassion (and you will, here.) You have to decide that you’re ‘worth it’ to find out why you are so vulnerable to suffering.

This is a process of discovery, about you. It’s about you facing you. It’s about you ‘coming to terms.’ It’s about you taking responsibility for who you are. Who else can do that for you?

People with mental health struggles turn to doctors, therapists and mental health professionals for help, and wisely so. But it’s challenging for professionals to help when even you don’t know what your core issues are.

Here you will learn what the struggle is really about. And where to find relief.

Welcome to my website: I hope you’ll find knowledge, comfort, and relief here that will empower and heal you, one blog at a time.



Abby Gardiner

Founder, writer





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