Take Breaks From Technology, Cut Down On Stress



How many times do you check your email? How much of your day is spent gaming? How many times do you check facebook, twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn, Google +, LiveJournal, pinterest, Insta-this, Insta-that, whatever?

How much total time do you spend on techno activities per day?

Take a minute. Calculate the amount of time you spend ‘tuning in’ on a typical day. Objects of your calculations should include use of your cell phone, landline, computer, television, radio, all techno gadgets and the many activities therein….emailing, texting, tweeting, checking websites, gaming, returning calls, listening to the news.

Over calculate your techno activity in one day, don’t under calculate. Under calculating is cheating.

And then be prepared. You might fall drop off your computer chair, drop your smartphone, drop your jaw when you realize that what remains is about one minute in your day enjoying traditional simple things (from the pre-techno past), like staring into your beloved’s eyes. Or reading a book, smelling a flower, patting a dog, staring at your four walls. Enjoying a bit of silence. Or even paying a bill, without distraction.

Are you getting anything meaningful done anymore? What does ‘downtime’ mean to you these days? Sitting on a comfy, cozy chair, texting away?

This is a huge stress bubble!  You probably don’t view it as a stress bubble, because it’s so entertaining to be tuned in, turned on, stimulated, challenged, wowed, charged up, grossed out, scared, thrilled, terrified and amazed… via all things technological.

Why, it’s like being at an amusument park, on the high scary rides. We never tire of scary rides do we? They get better and better, the adrenaline rush, higher and higher. And in the case of techno addiction, the toll on mental health… bigger and bigger?

The Life of The Human Being is growing muddled. Our social lives, a key to health, in free fall. We’re not paying bills on time, we’re not spending time with our beloveds just hanging, we’re spending beyond our means, we’re clicking away like maniacs to get news of the world but nothing is getting solved, not really, our paperwork is packed up to the ceiling because paperwork, even in this digitized computerized age, seems to have grown in volume.

So. You’ve done your twitter, facebook, google plus, television, radio, gaming and other calculations. Where you do stand?

I’m fighting for the Right to Retain My Life. I work hard to maintain ‘balance’ between an absolute lust for technology (combined with utter disdain, when it fails me) and my basic need for a regular, centred and healthy existence. Am I fighting the inevitable? Is technology about to overtake us all anyway?

A balance has to be achieved. We still have a right to be centered, as human beings. We need to be aware that equilibrium is being lost. There is no such thing as techno moderation. It’s like going on a hardcore weight loss program when your fridge is stocked with gourmet full fat ice cream. (Or in my case, full sour dill pickles.)

The stress bubble of all stress bubbles: navigating a world that’s moving at a pace humans can’t keep up with.

What to do?

In my next post I’ll offer some techno-related stress poppers that work for me.


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  1. August 15th, 2012 | deb says:

    I agree – The Art of Survival is becoming attached to some form of electronic aid.

    Pay a bill? – done online.
    Read a book? – Kindle.
    Run on a treadmill? – earplugs in.

    Yes, …hard to get away.

  2. August 17th, 2012 | abby says:

    And yet we’re all “getting away” from real life through all this stuff, aren’t we. I guess we need to reach a place of acceptance…that this is simply the way the world is going…we have to deal…

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