3 Words that (Mercifully) Address “Revolution Tension”



Whipping up daily drama is now fashionable in our culture; it’s reflected in popular TV shows, news headlines, behaviours of young people, even through bizarre urgency about technology: If I don’t get that new cell phone soon … I’ll die!

New histrionics have emerged from a world moving and changing too fast. Think about it: there’s usually mass frustration when computers malfunction, panic when a cell phone is misplaced, fear and loathing when sorting through mountains of paperwork, seething vexation dealing with incompetence from institutions and companies that have too much on their plates.

None of us are coping terribly well, are we.

Can we no longer differentiate between ‘real’ stress and that which has evolved from this massive cultural and technological revolution?

Are we all falling victim to the pace of life and the race of change? 

I’ve found have one way to give Revolution Tension a ‘face.’

3 simple words. I say them aloud, calmly, and often:


This halts berserk behaviour.

I figure that some 80% of daily tension now emanates from technology and the pace of life. Someone has to pull on these reins! That better be us!

When someone is losing their cool, is overwhelmed by the daunting (and ever increasing) minutiae of daily life, is throwing around theatrics, is threatening to throw a faulty computer through a glass window, I offer them these three words… Stop the Drama (S.T.D)… as a gift!

Same, when flipping my own lid appears imminent. Like when I’ve inadvertently sent a confessional text to the wrong person. Or when I purchase a shiny new piece of technology with delight, then have to deal with the inevitable (super annoying) learning curve. Or when I realize (daily) that nothing LASTS anymore! Aaaarrrrgh!

Abby…Stop The Drama!

Will do, but “Revolution Tension” isn’t going away. So the drama surrounding it has to chill. Somehow. Hullabaloo disrupts calm. Raises blood pressure. Affects heart health.

We need to hold on (more) tightly than ever to healthy practices and actions that mitigate stress. Or we’re going to flatline!

“Life will always involve mini fires that we feel desperate to put out.” says Lori Deschene, founder of tinybuddha.com.

Mini fires?” More like Raging Infernos? “Desperation?” It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all this change!


Right. Perceptions can be altered. We still can make choices about how we live our lives. Decide how much stress we’re prepared to endure.

Choose carefully!

Can you contain the Revolution Tension in your life? 




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  1. March 2nd, 2013 | Lola says:

    Right on – this helped me sort things right out.

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