Are You “Ready” To Meditate?




It’s a fabulous method of relaxation; one that is unparalleled. It’s my “go to” when life gets frantic. It’s taken me a very long time to understand how to use it. At first, it’s hard to grasp.

But… you gotta try it!

It’s called meditation. 

When I was introduced to meditation, in my 30s, I was  busy with young children, my writing career, a husband, family obligations, side commitments, cooking/cleaning/bottle washing, volunteering, the whole nine yards of classic Super Mom Chaos.

My foray into meditation was unsuccessful at that time. I wasn’t ready for it.  The idea of lying there, doing nothing: absurd?

Years later, out of pure fear, I latched on to meditation with a ferocious, desperate intensity, hoping it would alleviate my depression. That approach didn’t work, either. Too much expectation.

Here is the fact: one has to be “ready” to meditate. The conditions have to be right. You can’t force meditation, you can’t make others like it or want to ‘do’ it. A person has to want to learn the practice.

How does that ‘want’ evolve? It’s probably different for everybody. But once meditation readiness arrives, it is a gift.

A meditation practice slows life down. It helps you escape from the incessant chatter of your life. It places you in state of blissful detachment that’s indescribably soothing. It delivers quiet, warm soothing calm.

Ideally, it’s best performed as a routine practice, not unlike daily brushing and flossing before you see a dentist. It also works beautifully, once you’ve practiced a while, on a “when needed” basis.

Basically a mental massage, meditation reminds you how distracted, unfocused and rattled you are on the one hand; then it trains you, over time and practice, to effortlessly put a quiet lid on the noise. And from this you can carry calm into your life, benefitting everyone.

Practitioners sometimes fall into a glorious slumber while meditating, something that purists may frown upon. Meditation is intended to be an ‘exercise’ and a practice, not a sleeping aide. But if sleep is urgently needed, so be it. When it comes to meditation, I don’t believe in strict rules – as long as the goal of calming your mind and body is achieved.

In this post, I talk further about meditation, offer more details about how meditation works, and how best to try it. I provide links to youtube and online meditations, free for you to try.

In my life, meditation is now a blessing, an instant refuge from stress, a way I offer myself self-compassion. Meditation is in fact a practice that can change your life.

Have you incorporated meditation into your life? Share your stories with me, so we can pass the good news onto others!

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  1. February 15th, 2013 | Jean walmsley says:

    I have been meditating since my mid twenties, off and on, depending on my time and commitments. Now I have been,practicing for 12 years uninterrupted. I meet with 6 other woman weekly to meditate for 50 minutes and have a time of teachings for 40 minutes; our group is called a sangha….so we are sangha sisters. As well, I meditate on all other days. I cannot explain the benefits of meditation for me other than to say it has literally saved my life. I am much less reactive when faced with problems and have little attachment to outcomes of events. I am more understanding and non-judgemental of others. It really has been a ‘go with the flow’ experience for me. My greatest gift to me was to attend a 10 day course in meditation called Vipassana where I was able to release old angers of years ago. I was in a very serious car accident 5 years ago and meditation was my anchor to recover…….never to get ahead of what was happening…..what does the future hold? Never to live in the past of what happened and never to weigh myself down with anger.

    People learning meditation need to understand that not one of us will every do it perfectly…..every sit is a new experience and it is the nature of the mind to THINK. So thinking does not mean that you have failed, just means you need to practice more….and more….and more. Even if you clear your mind for only minutes, you have succeeded. There is a sessions for learners on may 3 at wisdom tea shop in London ON which could be a great introduction for you.

    OOOOOMMMMMMMMM. Blessings. Jean

  2. March 2nd, 2013 | Xandy says:

    The honesty of your post shines through

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While I don't publish all comments, I welcome and appreciate your feedback and participation. If you'd prefer to keep your comment 'private,' please use my contact form (located on my website menu) and indicate this. I will happily respond to all comments and questions.

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