How I Survived A Mini Breakdown




I tripped down The Well earlier this week.

For a one day. In itself, that doesn’t represent anything highly significant.

But the usual signs were there…. a kind of aura, ahead of time:

1) My Stress Trigger Index had – a few days prior – turned to High Alert.

2) I chose to be stubborn

3) I ignored the stress signals.

4) I embraced a self-conceived crisis, dragged it inside of my head, let it fester. I “Stewed.”

I should have known better?

The next day, AWOL. I slept away a whole night, the whole next day. Didn’t even get up to eat a single almond. My body said: shut up or shut down. I couldn’t shut up, so I shut down.

I’m not the least bit comfortable with long spells of inactivity. Forcing me into total rest mode is like making me lie on a scorching beach for two weeks with nothing to do, while the sun blazes down like an inferno on my white skin (prone to burning, to a fiery red.)

So… this AWOL event? Not a ‘repose” I purposefully sought. I was forced into it, by a body I can’t fool. Super scary! How long was this going to last?

There are times when the body talks and the brain is forced to comply.

And there are many useful tools to employ when stress strikes. I have shared them with you in previous posts.

Techniques, tips and go-tos alone can’t always avert the brain tide, however. Sometimes a person plays a role of being too strong for too long. Those of us labelled “strong” may indeed be so, but we maintain a facade of strength at a price. ‘Strength’ is not a permanent state of mind; the body and mind eventually gets weary, keeping up the act.

How many of us allow ourselves the luxury of pure rest ? How many of us take it easy, let the world (and dishes, grocery shopping, cat litter scooping, garbage collecting) go by… without a trace of guilt? Where do you think we’re headed if we “accomplish” 24/7, without respite?

We are human. We aren’t robots ( yet.) Life catches up with each of us, eventually. And then it screams STOP. It’s not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when.”

Yes mine is a cautionary tale, for you.

Do you take regular, intentional rests from the minutiae and drama of daily life? Do you “Stew?”

I’m going to rest more, wallow less. I hope you will, too.


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  1. March 15th, 2013 | Denise Angus says:

    I admire your strength. Keep finding your way out of the dark. You’re inspiring!

  2. April 9th, 2013 | abby says:

    Thank you so much Denise. I will continue to push through the darkness and find endless ways to laugh on the way, if I can…:)

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