Why It Is Funny To Look Like An Ass in Public




It’s happened to me so many times. I come by these kinds of situations naturally.

Scenario 1:  I routinely fight with the grocery carts (almost to the death) to separate them. I cause quite the commotion, I need the damn cart!  Thanks to weight lifting, I smash those things around and eventually am successful! But what a scene I cause!

Scenario 2:  I go out for a few hours, to shop, whistling along, beautiful warm day, smiling at strangers. Come home to discover that I’ve been wearing my full length cooking apron.

Scenario 3: Enter the public domain, come home to find out I’ve been wearing two distinctly different shoes. Shorts on. Summertime.

All true stories.

Who cares?

Uptight people may say I need to slow down, stop racing around, look down up around sideways before I leave the house to ensure that I’ve put myself together properly for public ‘consumption.’ Or find an easier shopping cart to extricate, that kind of thing.

Well, I already try all that, ok?

If someone took me aside to point out my public blunders (rarely happens) I would blush a hothouse tomato red. I prefer to blunder in peace. After all, image is so important!

Or, wait…isn’t  Image another bill of goods we’ve been sold to stress ourselves out? Isn’t it healthier to laugh at one’s mistakes? Aren’t human foibles tremendously entertaining?

Laughing at oneself relieves stress! Life is absurd! Embrace it!





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  1. May 7th, 2013 | Saskia Jennings says:

    Hi Abby,
    You must have a lot of fun….years after remembering your public ‘blunders’…..
    I can’t relate to situation like yours, I mostly attract attention by talking out loud, laughing out loud.
    Or, admiring a pile of beautifully polished and stacked apples in the grocery store and involving others in my admiration….:-)

    Or, like I did yesterday on a patio at Venice Beach while I had a fun day with my friend: a woman sat behind us, she ordered this scrumptious plate of organic food. Then I just can’t resist: I turn around and comment and ask what it is.

    Life is fun right, it may require some work so now and then and it is in our own hands.
    Have a great week!
    Saskia Jennings

  2. May 12th, 2013 | abby says:

    Love your sentiments, thanks for the juicy interesting comment and you being a person who is known to LOL? A beautiful thing. Can we do lunch? I want to laugh with you…:)

  3. May 25th, 2013 | E. Ceci says:

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  4. July 30th, 2013 | Wendy says:

    lol! Hilarious! I once wore my black bra as a swimming top ALL day at the pool on a camping trip with my sister’s family and all of their friends. My daughter was a toddler and we stayed in a dim-lit camper. Early motherhood was stressful for me and I thought I’d grabbed the right top. A couple days after the trip I was doing the laundry and hung the, what I thought, swim suit top on the line to dry. I looked…and then just started screaming!! Hahahaha I immediately called my sister, and all she had to say about it was, “I thought that looked like a bra.” OMG!And we’re all still talking about (my daughter is 15 now)! : ) That MOST embarrassing moment has made for many gut-busting laughs over the years. And, yes, Thank God, no one told me while I was out there swimming, sunning and enjoying myself.

    And I thought everyone was staring at me because of how well my body recovered after giving birth…silly me!

  5. July 30th, 2013 | H. Kor says:

    Thanks for another informative blog.

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