Humility. I’m not perfect. Are you? Embarrassing situations merely prove it.

Let ‘Practice Make Perfect’

I’ve found that the more embarrassing incidents you have, the better. Builds resilience.

And, more often than not, (wearing my apron and two different sandals confirms this)…NO ONE CARES!

Furthermore, if the prospect of embarrassment scares you, you can desensitize yourself to it. Have a good chuckle, for example, over these 13 most embarrassing events. Tomorrow, one could happen to you!

Say this to yourself, or anyone else who cares:


“In the grand scheme of the entire universe,” continues Colaianni, “of the billions of galaxies and cosmic events – where our little planet is merely a microscopic speck of all that is known and unknown – SO WHAT?”

Indeed! Embarrassment is our perception of an event. Generally speaking, a good guffaw is all that is required.