When People Don’t Know When To Shut Up




I’ll never forget this one!

I wore a long skirt to work. I was in my early 20s. At the time I was heavily into a kind of peasant-y hippy chic, undergarments optional, the free flowing vibe, good.

My ‘work’ involved a solitary job in a back office. I needed to be dressed, yes, but it didn’t matter how.

A co-worker approached me one day, looked me up and down. Then studied my skirt as though it was a science experiment.

“Is that a skirt?” she asked (grimacing, like she’d just eaten a bad egg,) “Or, is that a slip?”

Of course it was a skirt! It was emblazoned with a flower motif! It had a deep rich coral hue! Who wears slips in public?

Another situation: Woman comes up to me and says “Do you LIKE that scarf you’re wearing?”

(Me, in my mind: I despise this scarf. That’s why I’m wearing it.)

Stress Bubbles:

Big Mouthes are a gift. They show us what we’re made of.

In the past, Big Mouthes made me cower. They are so brazen!


A solid retort is all that’s required. Be prepared to utter (or play out) one of the following statements (or acting jobs) with the calm strength of a buddha:

“What kind of a comment is that??” (with head tilted quizzically.)

“Why do you ask?”

Or, say absolutely nothing. Just stare them down. Let the awkward silence sit, festering, like a bad smell.

These responses will confuse The Big Mouth. The offender will walk away, stupefied.

Prize for you:  a euphoric rush of renewed self-esteem and self-empowerment!

Do you let The Big Mouth intimidate you?

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    Thanks for this .Really looking forward to reading more.

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