Do care too much?

Do you listen other’s people problems until you’re worn out?

Do you obsess over fixing someone every time they have a problem?

Do you hurt when they hurt?

Do you protect your personal boundaries?

Do you have reciprocal relationships ?


5 Ways To Protect Yourself

Fiercely Protect Your Boundaries. Protecting your heart and soul is a survival technique. It should be your first priority. What does protection of your boundaries mean? Anything from avoiding news stories that cause you distress, to disengagement from toxic people, to busying your mind with productive, fulfilling, healthy pursuits. More, here.

Avoiding Exploitation. Super Empaths are exploited because they allow and encourage it. To what end? No end. Those who habitually dump their stuff on you must be reined in by you. Whenever you find yourself caring too much, smarten up, pull back. Practice telling others, lovingly, calmly: “I know YOU will figure this out.” Limit conversation time with those who take advantage. (Also, here’s a wicked but effective thought to remember: “This person is about to dump on me again. Do I look like a toilet?”)

Your Relationships. Willingly sucking in the world’s pain is not normal. Hanging on to people who drain you dry with their negative venom is poisonous. You must find techniques that act as warning systems, to avoid emotional drain. Also, if toxic behaviour is hurled towards you (and we all experience that) remember: toxic behaviour is not yours to ingest. It does not belong to you. A refresher, here. And never forget that there are so many healthy stress reduction techniques to lean on and turn to, always.

Caring About Yourself. You need to learn how to care about yourself. You need to know why self-care is so essential to survival as a human being. As a Super Empath, you probably don’t understand this at all. So read this.

Therapy. A reputable therapist can help you address your empathy overdrive. With the right therapist, you will get permission – which you desperately need – to curb your all-caring, all-feeling self-destructive behaviour.

You learned (or were trained) somewhere, somehow, that always putting out your heart to others, trying to fix others, and listening until you drop is admirable.

Perhaps practicing this behaviour was the (only) way you received approval, attention, validation and love.


Being a Super Empath is not the way a healthy person wins approval, love, validation and attention. 

Being enmeshed inappropriately and destructively within the lives, pains, and heartaches of others is not okay. It was never okay.

You must now begin to fix yourself.