“Waiting For Birdy” by Catherine Newman


This is a deeply poignant book about the first blush of motherhood. A stage you might have forgotten about. One you wish you could remember, as it was, as it really was…just once in a while.

Wasn’t the stress unbelievable? Wasn’t it also the time of your life?

This book brings it all back; you live through those first stages of motherhood all over again. But not really. So you sit back, breathe in the glorious nostalgia, free and clear.

Those frightfully early mornings. Those long sleepless nights. The weeping, screaming, rushing. Days filled up to the brim with Baby, the ubiquitous smells of baby wipes, warm milk, the feel of soft new skin.

A time when you couldn’t take a shower, have a pee, see friends. A longing and desperation for correct percentiles, proper developmental stages. Praying your baby was breathing when sleeping, endless diaper changing, feeding, nipples stinging, utter neurosis, daily baby proofing.

What a time that was!

The book reminded me (and how quickly we forget) how frantically busy, worrisome and hauntingly memorable those early days were.

How did we get through it all?

We did. We held up the treasured home front. We took on the worries of the world. We held it all in and kept the chin high at the same time. We worked as hard as we ever will.

It’s a most hilarious and moving tribute to all mothers who sweated it out and worried themselves sick to the bone. It’s a look backwards – tinged with a ‘bittersweet’ air as it always was, and always will be – to a time where we embraced magnificent feelings of love never before encountered. And memories we can’t bear to forget.

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