Get Your Hair To Detox




How we love the glorious smells, sultry liquids, big, frothy lather, smooth silky locks.


The Big Catch

The known toxins in hair care products will curl your toes.

These toxins can cause everything from, let’s see… liver damage, skin rashes, diarrhea, eye problems, and major organ system toxicity.

Even depression.


We’re Sold This Toxic Stuff. And We Buy It


Somehow, humanity got sidetracked… “ says ThinkBeforeYouStink.

We’ve actually become complacent about poison.


But the pretty bottles, fruity smells, luscious liquids!

I know.


I’ve been buying huge plastic jugs of shampoo and conditioner – ‘great quality’ products (or so I thought) for forever.

After all, when it comes to haircare, what else but ‘quality’ matters?



Let’s begin with those 12 known toxic ingredients in the average shampoo and conditioner. Look at the list. Compare that list to the ingredients in your favourite haircare products.

These chemical components are applied to your skin. Seep into your eyes. Enter your other orifices. Swirl down the drain onto your planet.


It’s BullS*iT!

Not accepting it.

I now have a fierce new allegiance to healthier products because of the stern, insistent prodding of my Millennial Offspring. (A generation, I dare say, militant about health and the environment.)

Because of my children, I’m done being An Autopilot Consumer. (noun: a person who buys products without thinking.)

From skincare and cosmetics, to household cleaning, air freshening, and personal deodorizing routines – I’ve made huge changes.


With Haircare, Here Are Two

Lush shampoo and conditioner bars.

They come in a wee brown bag. There’s no plastic bottle.

Lush does use sodium laurel sulfate in these two products, a much loathed ingredient on the toxic haircare watch list. However, when talking with Lush reps, I learned that their SLS comes mostly from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, making it, they contend, a non health issue. (The full SLS disclaimer, from Lush, here.)

Other than SLS, Lush ingredients pass muster.


Jumpin’ Juniper – Lush Shampoo Bar


Cute To Look At, And Do A Great Job

These Lush haircare bars last a long time – as long as your hair isn’t the expanse of Rapunzel’s.

The shampoo offers great lather, the conditioner imparts no greasy feel afterwards, and there is no scalp dryness left over even in the coldest weather. (And no, Lush is not paying me to say this.)

The bars fit in the hand and are smaller than a hockey puck.

You need to keep them dry, separated, and away from water. I recommend these soap dishes, one for each bar.

Yes, these bars will melt quickly if you daydream and waste time and water whilst lathering up. You have to consciously apply this product, not overdo applying it, and not waste it.  (What a novel idea.)

The fragrance won’t evoke memories of strawberry shortcake, tart lemons, or fields of candy bars, no.

That’s because they’re not made of poison.

Because get a sniff of this: “There are more than 3,100 chemicals used by the fragrance industry to concoct these suspicious-sounding additions to your shampoos and conditioners.” – Ecowatch

Those pretty smells? Likely toxic, created by an industry trying to fool ya.

05989“The Plumps” – Lush Conditioner Bar


So, What A Relief to Go Green

My shower is no longer a plastic warehouse. It houses a few wee naked bars and that’s it.

Boring? So be it.

To date, my prized range of natural products include natural deodorant that doesn’t burn my armpits, natural hand cleaner that doesn’t turn my hands bright red with irritation, natural air fresheners that don’t make me gag, candles like this that don’t give me a migraine, and a natural fragrance spray that doesn’t make others retch.

I will continue to source products that limit my planet footprint and reduce poisons that end up in my own house, brain, body. The list is long. It’s going to take time. Like, forever.

But it’s long overdue.

Getting off The Autopilot Consumer Track is what you gotta do.


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