I know a thing or two about stress, anxiety and depression. They’ve been companions of mine for most of my life. I’ve tried to mitigate their effects for as long as I can remember.

I’ve explored all aspects of conventional stress management. Have done the due diligence.

However, as a stress victim, I developed a bad habit: accepting stress as a ‘given’ that I had to bear. Stress is a given in our frenzied society. But choices can be made about it. Its control over a person can lessen.

There are ways to handle stress proactively. Conventional wisdom tends to offer general solutions: Have a cozy bath!  Go on a relaxing holiday!  Bite into some dark chocolate!! 

Dealing with stress is not that simple. Furthermore, stress is a constant. Fix a problem this week, you’ll have a new one next week.

Negative perceptions can be altered however. Healthy choices can be made.

Left untreated, left unaddressed, anxiety and depression builds, can become debilitating. It can ruin families, devastate lives. If you’re a passive victim of stress, if you don’t stare it in the face and do something about it, you’re in trouble. I’ve found ways to address it and deal with it, without running away in fear.

I unequivocally do not dismiss use of conventional therapies for anxiety overload. But based on extensive trials and errors addressing stress in my own daily life, I can suggest alternatives way of viewing it, as a layperson who’s “been there.”

While my opinions about stress are not intended to replace the suggestions and expertise of medically trained professionals, I can share what I’ve learned about stress ‘acceptance.’

While I can’t take your stress away, cannot assist with serious or crisis-oriented medical situations or conditions (which require help from professionals), I can help demystify this tangled topic, and bring to it much needed levity and humour. A great deal of what we ‘stress about’ is actually funny. It’s productive to laugh about things we take too seriously.

Oh, about me? I have a Master’s degree from The University of Western Ontario, live in London, Ontario, grew up in Montreal, Quebec, and have written professionally for over 25 years. I’m a mother to two young adult daughters. I’ve been married (to the same person) for over 30 years. I have a dog and a cat. And I’ve endured huge challenges in my life, challenges that have shaken me to the core. Now, rather than be fearful of life’s difficult seasons, I view every challenge as a lesson.

I have a lot to say about stress. Join me.


Abby Gardiner

Founder/Writer, Stress Bubbles

Are you struggling with
the stress in your life?

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