Why Are You So Negative?


Most of us are negative thinkers, aren’t we. This is why we worry, agonize, ruminate – and endure episodes of anxiety and depression. It isn’t your fault.  There is a scientific accounting for your dark side. Research in neuroscience has shown that we’re programmed to store and remember negative
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Insecurity, And Why You Bully Yourself


How can anybody go through this existence on earth and not be a little insecure. There are so many mysterious life questions that none of us have the answers to. Will I die peacefully. Will my finances, children, career turn out ok. Will the backs of my arms
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“Deep Steep” Body Mist


I am writing about this product with a wee bit of a trepidation. I’ve tried only one product in the Deep Steep line. I tried it on a whim; found this product quite accidentally, fell in love without warning. I want to try more Deep Steep products. I
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High Sensitivity: A Blessing Or A Curse


Oh, to be a person with high sensitivity. Thanks to researchers including Elaine Aron and Susan Cain, this little known trait of humanhood is a bit less of a mystery. As an HSP (highly sensitive person) I’m deeply grateful that this trait is better recognized. Before Elaine Aron’s first
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The Ego: How It Runs Your Life


Your ego has a major influence on you. It can dictate your perceptions. It guides, shapes, and rules you. Most of us aren’t aware of this. But we should be. “Acting like a giant control panel,” explains Jonathan Wells, “our ego can direct how we interpret everything that goes
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