What No One Tells You About Finding A Therapist


You have mental health issues, they are taking their toll, you are struggling, it’s time to find a therapist. So go find a therapist! Deal done.   Nope! Finding a therapist depends on a multiplicity of factors. First, there is the question of access to counselling, which depends
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20 Reasons Why The ‘Old Soul’ Suffers


If you are an Old Soul, you will suffer. Being an Old Soul is a difficult and painful way to be. The Old Soul sees the darkness and sadness in life more readily than others, feels older and more weary than their chronological age (even in childhood) and
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17 Unique Tips For Sleeping Well


It is time to re-think the whole notion of “sleeping well.” “Most of us suck at sleeping,”┬ásays Nat Eliason. I agree. It’s a genuine problem. Particularly for people who struggle with mental health issues. Here’s the problem. A “good night’s sleep” is not a given. Not anymore. It
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Why ‘Scented’ Chemicals Stink


If we want to feel better, our daily practices need to be stellar. Think exercise, proper sleep, healthy diet, meditation, being around positive people, enjoying some good ‘ol fun and…spraying the hell out of our homes with chemicals in the name of pretty smells. That doesn’t jive. The
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6 Amazing Guided Meditations For High Anxiety


  Guided meditations are mercifully helpful in times of distress. They have the immense capacity to transform your mind and body from frazzled and overwhelmed, to calm, stable and serene. I’m saying that as someone who was once highly cynical of meditation, to one who now depends on
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