“Kiss My Face” Deodorant


Do you love your deodorant? Fine, then no need to read this. But wait! Does your deodorant contain a heap of chemicals, toxins and skin irritants? I was shocked to find out that most do. You can read about deodorant toxins, here.  The good news is that there are lovely,
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Excessive Guilt: A Debilitating Emotion



The Lifelong Effects of Incest


“Discovering the damage is like peeling an onion, each layer uncovers another.” – Incest survivor. If you are an incest survivor, you don’t need that quote explained to you. You may also have strong opinions about The Duggar Family and the accusations of incest and sexual abuse that surround
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Essential Dorm Room Survival: For Parents


I recently moved my adult child out of her dorm (residence) room. Her school year had ended. I survived. Moving students out of a dorm or residence (or any housing situation) is something I’ve endured approximately 14 times with two children over a span of two post-secondary programs.
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Tiny Things That Stress You Out


Do you stress out about the tiniest, weeniest things? Or do you stress out about everything? “…When the thing that caused the worry disappears, we feel ‘happy,’ but only for a short period of time until we find something else to stress about.” – Juha Kaartoluoma Why do we
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