Gossip: It Shows How Insecure You Are


  In the realm of things to do to increase your self-esteem, raise your confidence, and feel better about yourself, Gossip is Not One of Them. It was fun and exciting in high school though, wasn’t it? I guess I have to wonder: when we grow up, why
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Family Scapegoating: How To Survive Betrayal


This is not an easy topic. It is loaded with hurt and pain. The world turns upside down for the person who becomes the family scapegoat. Being in this position is life altering. It’s a stab in an already wounded heart, a kick in the groin when you’re
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Raise Self-Worth In 14 Ways (And Get Past The Hurt.)


I understand the hardship of low self-worth. And I know first hand the many hardships connected with it. What I also know is that people stay stuck. Or, they move forward. If your self-worth is poor, you can work on it. After all, says Mark Tyrell, “low self esteem is a
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Get Your Hair To Detox


Haircare. How we love the glorious smells, sultry liquids, big, frothy lather, smooth silky locks.   The Big Catch The known toxins in hair care products will curl your toes. These toxins can cause everything from, let’s see… liver damage, skin rashes, diarrhea, eye problems, and major organ
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My #1 Tip To Calm Obsessive Worrying


  “If an obsessive thought is a cry for help — and it is — bring the help that’s asked for.”  – Deepak Chopra.  Finding comfort is a necessity when coping with obsessive worrying. Everyone deals occasionally with thought patterns that spin. These are intrusive and annoying, but otherwise no
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