This Is What Mental Illness Feels Like: “Manic Kingdom” – A Book Review


There is no getting around it. “Manic Kingdom” is a difficult book to read. Ostensibly based on a true story (which seems incomprehensible initially), this tale is raw, sometimes confusing, often upsetting. It is also fascinating, irreverent, occasionally hilarious and captivating. At times you want to take the
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Self-Loathing: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


  “If I could accept myself (and others) more, rather than consistently rejecting myself in my quest to be better, life would be so much sweeter.” – Kris Carr How surprising that many people, deep down, don’t like themselves and are disappointed about their lives. “Life is a
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“Drink” – by Ann Dowsett Johnston – Book Review


Image Credit: Thomas Martinsen   I contemplated never drinking again after reading “Drink” by Ann Dowsett Johnston. This book is eye opening. Disturbing. Confusing. And important. Consider this: women, as a whole, are better educated than ever. They continue to make great strides in the workplace. They fight
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Why Your Negativity Is Your Responsibility


  Did you know that negativity is a human being’s ‘go to’ mentality? That we notice the good, fleetingly, but obsess about the bad, continually? Our brains are wired this way. Negative before positive – literally. If you want to be a healthy person, it’s best to take
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High Challenges Being A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)


Is being “a highly sensitive person” (HSP) a good thing…or not? As an HSP myself, I’d say the jury is still out. I’m deeply grateful for the work of Elaine Aron and Susan Cain, both HSPs, who have laid important groundwork for awareness and education about this temperament. They
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