Your (Bossy) Ego: Oh, The Stress It Can Cause!


  Most of us could care less about the ego. Problem is, we misunderstand it. And we dismiss its huge influence on our emotions, perceptions, wellness. “Acting like a giant control panel,” says Jonathan Wells, “our ego can direct how we interpret everything that goes on in our daily
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Why People Pleasers Avoid Setting Boundaries


photo: Anton Repponen Is your self-esteem low? How would you know? A good barometer is whether or not you set boundaries in your life. Especially in relationships. “Relationships need boundaries,” says Sharon Martin, LCSW. “A boundary delineates where I end, and where you begin. It says: ‘This is how
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Anxiety Disorders: 7 Things You NEED to Know


Everyone thinks they know what anxiety is. The occasional butterflies in the stomach, worries, tension. Then there are anxiety disorders. These are regular battles with anxiety that oscillate from mild and moderate, to hard core and impossible.    What An Anxiety Disorder Feels Like Even in its mild state, an
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You Take Things Too Personally: 9 Ways To Toughen Up


    You have feelings. Your feelings often get hurt. You take things personally. You end up feeling like S*it. Why do you do this to yourself? Imagine being tougher about the nasty, irrational things people say or do.   First: Why Feelings Are Hurt Easily “We have been
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Inversion For Anxiety Relief: A ‘Must Try!’


Please not attempt the pose shown in the photo above unless you’re a highly experienced yogi or professional contortionist. However, do take notice of the ‘inversion’ technique demonstrated above. Inversion is about turning your body upside down. For about a million reasons, you must give inversion a try.
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