Get Your Hair To Detox


Haircare. How we love the glorious smells, sultry liquids, big, frothy lather, smooth silky locks.   The Big Catch The known toxins in hair care products will curl your toes. These toxins can cause everything from, let’s see… liver damage, skin rashes, diarrhea, eye problems, and major organ
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My #1 Tip To Calm Obsessive Worrying


  “If an obsessive thought is a cry for help — and it is — bring the help that’s asked for.”  – Deepak Chopra.  Finding comfort is a necessity when coping with obsessive worrying. Everyone deals occasionally with thought patterns that spin. These are intrusive and annoying, but otherwise no
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How To Cope (Better) With Hellish, Difficult Relationships


Difficult relationships. They are intense. Exhausting. Frustrating. Demoralizing. And common. If you’re drained by relationship strain, here’s a little known but worthy concept to think about.   It’s Called “Cutting Cords” No, it’s not about about ending a relationship (per se.) It’s about ‘thinking’ about a relationship differently. Cutting cords
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When You’re An Empath: 5 Ways To Protect Your Heart


Being an empath is one tough gig.  I know this, because I’m a super empath. Super in the sense that my case is extreme. Average Empath: you feel for others. Super Empath: you feel deeply for others in your body and soul, you feel love, pain, worry, sadness
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20 Signs of the Old Soul; How to Ease the Pain


If you are an Old Soul, you will suffer. Being an Old Soul is a difficult and painful way to be. The Old Soul sees the darkness and sadness in life more readily than others, feels older and more weary than their chronological age (even in childhood) and
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