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“Drink” – by Ann Dowsett Johnston – Book Review


Image Credit: Thomas Martinsen   I contemplated never drinking again after reading “Drink” by Ann Dowsett Johnston. This book is eye opening. Disturbing. Confusing. And important. Consider this: women, as a whole, are better educated than ever. They continue to make great strides in the workplace. They fight
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This is Why You Are Negative. This is How To Change.


  Negativity is a human being’s ‘go to’ mentality. We notice the good, fleetingly. We obsess about the bad, continually. What’s worse is that our brains are wired this way. Negative before positive: literally. Time to recognize your own darkness.   Why Would Anyone Prefer ‘The Negative’? It’s
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Apologize Too Much? Stop!


  Do you apologize to keep the peace? To minimize confrontation with others? Do you apologize too much? This is powerful stuff. My daughter tells me that I apologize so often that she has learned to over apologize as well. I am deeply sorry that I passed on
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Your (Bossy) Ego: Oh, The Stress It Can Cause!


  Most of us could care less about the ego. Problem is, we misunderstand it. And we dismiss its huge influence on our emotions, perceptions, wellness. “Acting like a giant control panel,” says Jonathan Wells, “our ego can direct how we interpret everything that goes on in our daily
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Why People Pleasers Avoid Setting Boundaries


photo: Anton Repponen Is your self-esteem low? How would you know? A good barometer is whether or not you set boundaries in your life. Especially in relationships. “Relationships need boundaries,” says Sharon Martin, LCSW. “A boundary delineates where I end, and where you begin. It says: ‘This is how
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