Recommended Reading

“The Appetites of Girls” – Pamela Moses


On first glance, “The Appetites of Girls” appears to be a lightweight read about four young women moving from their family home to college. Four young women who bond as freshman roommates, with the shine, escapades and opportunities of higher education awaiting them. That’s the veneer. Underneath the
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“Shtum.” By Jem Lester


You’re having a bad day, feeling you’re not measuring up, making big drama out of small issues, feeling sorry for yourself. Shtum will wake you up. Don’t read this book if you are faint of heart, easily experience stomach upset, or prefer the ease of a light-hearted read.
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“Waiting For Birdy” by Catherine Newman


This is a deeply poignant book about the first blush of motherhood. A stage you might have forgotten about. One you wish you could remember, as it was, as it really was…just once in a while. Wasn’t the stress unbelievable? Wasn’t it also the time of your life?
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“The Courage To Heal” – Ellen Bass and Laura Davis


This book is a genuine comfort, and it provides proactive information for those trying to heal from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. The premise is that “you’re in a world of pain, but that pain will lessen.” There is full recognition of the damage that was done
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“A Month of Sundays” – Edward O. Phillips


I was concerned that this book would be maudlin, morbid or depressing. A 70 year old man, one Geoffry Chadwick, has recently lost his beloved wife. He is grieving, he is lonely, he is sad, he is uncertain how to move forward. The poignancy and enormity of his
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