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Why “Happiness” Is A Phony Bill of Goods


Don’t get me started with the word ‘happy.’ I cringe when I hear that word, as I’ve said here, especially when it’s described as an achievable quest.  “Happy” is not static state of mind, nor a realistic pursuit. It’s a fleeting, volatile emotion. Walter Doyle Staples, PhD, author of “Happy
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Coping When You Receive A Diagnosis of Autism


Today I am honoured to offer a guest post by a terrific blogger, Lisa (from Lisa’s Leben: )  a late ’40-something’ mom, wife, pastor and blogger. She has two daughters and a son, ages 15, 11 and 8.  Her middle child was officially diagnosed with autism at age four,
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Stress Relief: The Amazing Healing Power of Gratitude


  Gratitude as a concept is overplayed, isn’t it. It can be such a tired expression: ‘learn gratitude’…oh, so cliche. Life isn’t that simple. But learning to cultivate gratitude, as annoying as it sounds, is immensely powerful as a tool. Because what you think…is what you think. And as
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Stress Relief: A Great Recipe is A Joy


Is there anything better than great food? Is there a problem with my saying this? The fact is that you can’t eat when you’re dead. So you better enjoy it now. But there is a problem with some products out there. I loathe bottled sauces, for one. Take
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Overachievement Obsession: Recognizing the Signs


 I have created two live monsters. My front garden. And my back garden. I created these horticultural behemoths from scratch with my husband, over ten years ago. My husband and I are avid nature, plant and foliage lovers. My gardens ten years later: five dimensional, deep, long. Huge.
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