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Trauma: Who Could Lie About Being Sexually Abused?


Woody Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan claims to have been sexually molested by Allen when she was 7 years old. Allen staunchly denies that this ever happened. He has never been charged. Glowing tributes, accolades, and awards afforded the filmmaker at February’s Golden Globe Awards caused immense distress to
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Natural Remedies: Be Very Careful


  Ahhh, natural remedies. Beautiful alternative approaches to health management. Yes. No. This week I contracted a visually unpleasant, inflamed, wildly uncomfortable itchy rash on the side of my neck. About the width of a small pancake. I imposed this upon myself. I was attempting to attack ill-placed
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Stress Relief: Guardian Angels and Dead Batteries


I had a car battery failure this week. Woo, breaking news. Yawn if you must, but car issues seem to be a big deal for women. Unless, of course, you are Danica Patrick, auto racing driver, who roars around at outrageous speeds, hurls around car equipment and sports bathing suits
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Are You The Family Scapegoat? How To Cope


  A few months back I wrote about how to love (and preferably, leave) a sociopath. Recently I also discussed ways that one could love and support an addicted individual, and one with anger issues. Who loves and supports the family scapegoat? What is a family scapegoat? A very deep and
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"Walden On Wheels" by Ken Ilgunas


OMG, I will never be the same. A young man, with a staggering university debt. He discovers himself, his adoration of nature, his inner strength, through his astounding commitment to live debt free. I now yearn, more than ever, to own less, give more, live for ‘now.’

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