Recommended Reading

“The Courage To Heal” – Ellen Bass and Laura Davis


This book is a genuine comfort, and it provides proactive information for those trying to heal from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. The premise is that “you’re in a world of pain, but that pain will lessen.” There is full recognition of the damage that was done
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“A Month of Sundays” – Edward O. Phillips

A Month of Sundays by Edward O Phillips

I was concerned that this book would be maudlin, morbid or depressing. A 70 year old man, one Geoffry Chadwick, has recently lost his beloved wife. He is grieving, he is lonely, he is sad, he is uncertain how to move forward. The poignancy and enormity of his
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“The Rain Before It Falls” – by Jonathan Coe


We all have secrets. It’s so frightening to contemplate revealing the failings, scars and burdens of our lives. In this book, the reader is taken on the deep, personal, moving, sentimental journey. A dying woman has a mission; she is intent upon looking back through her family life,
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“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn


Have you read this book yet? Why should you? I’ll give you a reason: there are books, movies, and even TV series which enlighten us, usually through black comedy approaches, about how complex and flawed life truly is. This kind of entertainment helps us remember why our own
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“Harvard Square” by Andre Aciman


There are people we meet in our lives, extraordinary, unique people, who we can both love and loathe. Who we both admire and are repelled by. How is this possible? This book explores the paradox of love, the irony of friendship, the heartbreak of searing depression and loneliness,
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