Recommended Reading

“Harvard Square” by Andre Aciman


There are people we meet in our lives, extraordinary, unique people, who we can both love and loathe. Who we both admire and are repelled by. How is this possible? This book explores the paradox of love, the irony of friendship, the heartbreak of searing depression and loneliness,
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“Take Control Of Your Anxiety”


Are you an anxious person? Easily overwhelmed and overstimulated? Ever wondered why? This book offers impressive concepts, ideas and inspiration that will illuminate why you suffer, and helps you understand how you can change your perceptions. While its depth of content is sometimes overwhelming, and its humour not
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“The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady” – Elizabeth Stuckey-French


Only a few books in my reading ‘career’ have made me laugh out loud. This is one of them. The question is, will this book deeply offend, shock or soothe? Take a deeply dysfunctional family, a woman scorned many times over, a few devastating medical diagnoses, unnecessary deaths,
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“Terms and Conditions” by Robert Glancy


No mincing of words: This Book is Brilliant. It’s shockingly astute, funny, deeply poignant. Think of all the terms and conditions in your own life. Asterisks here, footnotes there. Unethical people everywhere. So many complexities that hit so hard, move us so deeply.

“In The Name of Friendship” by Marilyn French


To be a woman! The sacrifices. The joys. The regrets. The frustrations. The friendships among other women that so lovingly validate and ease conflicting female emotions. A heartfelt glimpse into the gains and losses flowing from every women’s capacity and desire to nurture, care for, and love.

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